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School Council

Meet our School Council!

Hello Everyone!
We thought we should tell you what School Councillors do, both at our meetings and around the school.  We bring back information from the meetings to our classes.  We tell everyone what we talked about and we often have a question for our class to discuss or to vote on.  We make a note of everyone’s ideas in the class School Council books and then take it to the next meeting.  We share our class’s ideas, views and questions with the whole School Council and we use them to make a decision which we then take back to our class.  This is how we chose the colour for the benches in the playground, the scooter rack and which outdoor instruments we would like.  We also helped to set the rules to keep everyone safe on the Playdale.  We also think that it is important to set a good example to everyone in school.  We make sure that we are helpful, friendly and kind and that we help to make our school a place to be proud of.
The School Council