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Remote Learning

A Flexible Approach

Maintaining regular learning during periods of school closure is of great importance for children’s continued learning and for their mental wellbeing.  However, we understand that everyone’s circumstances at home will be different.  Some families have more than one school-age child to support, some parents are trying to work from home and some children have to work on phones or share devices. 

With this in mind we are offering a flexible approach to remote learning.  We will offer a variety of weekly learning activities across the curriculum enabling pupils to work their way through them at a time that suits their family.

Remote Educational Provision for Whole Classes

  • A weekly timetable will be provided, with live Meet sessions for your child highlighted in red. Meet needs to be accessed via your child's Google Classroom.
  • Teachers will use these sessions to introduce a video lesson and to answer any questions.
  • Teachers will then direct children to follow-up activities on Seesaw.  There will be a daily timetable posted here.

We appreciate that some families have more than one child and that it is not always possible to attend live sessions.  We would ask that this be resolved as fairly as possible.  Video lessons will remain on Google Classrooms to be viewed later.

We appreciate that some families will struggle to engage with the full timetable.  In this case we would ask that they prioritise English and Maths lessons and activities to reduce the impact on their child’s core skills.

Work on Seesaw will be responded to as quickly as possible by the teacher.

The safety of both children and staff when using this technology is paramount and we will be following advice from the Children’s Commissioner and the NSPCC.

In order to protect both children and staff, we require that when taking advantage of our online opportunities you adhere to the following rules:

  • An appropriate adult must remain in the same room as the child during video conference calls to monitor and ensure they are safe and using the technology appropriately.
  • When joining the Meet, the adult will briefly need to be onscreen with the child so that we know they are accompanied.
  • Children must take part in the Meet in a suitable environment and be appropriately dressed.  Uniform is not necessary.
  • All members of the household must be aware that the meeting is taking place and make sure that they are also suitably dressed and use appropriate language and behaviour when nearby or in the background. 
  • Adults must be sure to log off the call correctly once it is finished before turning off any devices.
  • Adults and children must not try to contact staff using the online tools outside of the timetabled Meets.  Contact with the staff will continue to be via the Office by phone or
  • Screenshots, photos or recordings of Meets must not be made or shared.

We will ensure that:

  • No staff member will contact families using Meet outside of any timetabled meetings.  Staff/parent contact will continue to be by phone.
  • Teachers will ensure that proper security settings are in place for the meeting.  They will ensure that access is only granted to the expected registered users.
  • Participants will be held in a virtual waiting room while their identity is confirmed.
  • Audio and video may be muted until appropriate.
  • Children must remain muted until invited to speak.
  • Teachers will stay in the meeting until everyone has logged off.
  • Teachers and any other adults on the call (or in the background) will use appropriate language and behaviour throughout the call.

Safeguarding and Remote Learning

  • With the increased use of digital technologies that comes with remote learning, safeguarding implications need careful consideration.
  • Parents are advised to spend time speaking with their children about online safety and to remain in the room with their children whilst they are working online.  While we will be doing our best to ensure that links shared are appropriate, there may be tailored advertising which displays differently in your household or other changes beyond our control. 
  • If parents have any safeguarding concerns they should contact school immediately.
  • Staff should continue to be vigilant at this time and follow our usual online safety, safeguarding and child protection policies and procedures, contacting a safeguarding lead directly in the first instance.

Google Classroom

How do I login on a computer?

1. Click on the icon below to access the Google Classroom login page.

2. Enter your child's email address and password, this can be found in the homework diary (it ends with

How do I login on an Apple or android phone?

1. Go to the app store or playstore and install the Google Classroom app and the Google Meet app.

2. Enter your child's email address and password, this can be found in the homework diary (it ends with

How do I login on a Playstation or Xbox?

Both Xbox and Playstation have built in browsers which should be able to be accessed from the home screen.  On the Xbox the browser is Microsoft Edge and on the Playstation it is www browser.  

Once the browser is open:

1. Type in

2. Enter your child's email address and password, this can be found in the homework diary (it ends with


Once you are in Google Classroom to access a Meet session, please follow the instructions below:


1. Under the class name click on the Meet link.


2. Click the  button.

3. Please make sure your camera and microphone are turned on when you are saying hello at the start of the lesson.



4. Please mute yourself when we are watching the video.

5. We will have time for questions after the video.

6. The video will be posted on Google Classroom at the end of the lesson for you to view again.