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RR Council

Meet our Rights Respecting Rabbits!

Did you know that all children have rights?

In 1989 the United Nations issued the Rights of the Child and these were adopted by all but two countries in the world in 1991.

These Rights recognised that our children were special and that adults and the Government had the responsibility of protecting these to ensure every child in the world could meet their potential.

What is RR?

All children at Kempshott Infant School have rights and responsibilities. We believe in teaching children to become responsible and rights respecting citizens. Rights are the basic human needs and values that apply or should apply to everyone.

Our RR council

The RR council at school consists of children from all three year groups. These children help to ensure that RR is evident around the school and talk about how they could make the school an even better place. We will be exploring Articles from the United Convention on the Rights of a Child (UNCRC) and discussing what these rights mean, does every child around the world get these rights and what we can do to help ensure that in our school every child does get their rights to the best of our abilities. The RR council will be working on different projects involving rights, such as developing an RR workshop for parents and helping to design an RR leaflet for parents.

What is a Rights Respecting School?

We are currently working towards achieving the Level 1 Rights Respecting Schools (RRS) Award. In a rights respecting school, children learn about their rights and responsibilities. The children also learn how to talk about their needs and relate these to their rights, whilst being able to distinguish between their rights and ‘wants’. A rights respecting school also models rights and respect in all its relationships throughout the school.

For a school to receive the RRS Award, they must show evidence that they have reached the required Standard in each of four aspects below;

  1. Leadership and management for embedding the values of UNCRC in the life of the school
  1. Knowledge and understanding of the UNCRC
  1. Rights respecting classrooms
  1. Pupils actively participate in decision-making throughout the school