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Our Vision and Values

Learning Together, Achieving the Extraordinary!

School Values

Our School Values provide a framework to support our pupils as they develop into mature, confident and well-rounded citizens.  Each Value is championed by a character to bring the relevant qualities into focus and to ensure the learning is both memorable and fun.

Imelda the Independent Iguana

Imelda encourages everyone to have a go! From fastening a coat in Year R to selecting resources to support maths calculations in Year 2, it is always worth trying to do it yourself before asking for help. Children are encouraged to think about the next job, can they organise themselves before they are directed?


Reggie the Respectful Rabbit

Reggie reminds everyone to be kind and caring and to always think of others. We remember that everyone is important and that good manners help to make our school a happy place to be. He also reminds us to look after our school environment and resources.


Tallulah the Team-Working Tamarin

Everyone benefits if we work well as a team. Tallulah helps children to develop the necessary skills to work effectively with others; the confidence to speak, the patience to listen and the ability to negotiate and resolve differences of opinion.



Ramona the Resilient Rhino

The ability to persevere and to cope with change will stand our pupils in good stead throughout their lives. Ramona promotes positive thinking and a ‘can-do’ attitude. She encourages children to find alternative solutions and to achieve their goals.


Clarence the Creative Caterpillar

Clarence encourages children to use their imagination, think outside of the box and to develop their ideas. Thinking creatively helps children to problem solve in so many ways. He celebrates different approaches and individual thinkers.



Anton the Aspirational Ant

Anton has big ideas! He encourages the children to have dreams and goals and he sees no reason why they shouldn’t achieve them. Anton wants everyone to believe in themselves and have a go.